As A Matter of Fact

Ai believe that the British together with French
to the German of course is a matter of Mensch.
Ai believe that the Swede by the Dane is impressed
and that Dane sees Norwegian as by the Swede blessed.

Ai believe that Korean to Kongo is sweet
and that Russian in Argentina is beat.
Ai have no sense for conflict, unless there is war
and precisely that innocence one's fighting for.

At Home

My living room is like the sight,
the kitchen, close by, taste, all right.
My living room is not too wide.
And in it, aI am on the side.

As lonely aI can in it stay,
to feel at home and find the way,
and guests aI can invite to see
what aI believe is being free.

In it, the rule myself aI make,
my vision given for that sake,
by being to my taste quite near
and to my future very dear.